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AMENDMENTS ADOPTED!!! - Conclusion to the WHO's 77th WHA w/James Roguski

I was in Genéve to participate in the protests against the WHO's amendments to the International Health Regulations. On the 77th World Health Assembly the WHO actually adopted the proposed amendments.

New Amendments to the IHR were adopted by WHO on June 1st

Contrary to what my belief was, when I went to bed in my hotel room in Geneva yesterday, the WHO actually adopted a range of new amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

In this video James Roguski goes through what changes were actually made just yesterday, through the mentioned amendments to the IHR.

Successful protest in front of the WHO HQ in Geneva

Since around 12 o’clock local time I had been on the spot in Geneva, as part of the protest against WHO’s adoption of new amendments to the existing IHR regulations.

WHO had also been attempting to make the WHO member nations agree to a brand new Pandemic Treaty. The Pandemic Treaty was off the table already before the 77th World Health Assembly started, but WHO succeeded in adopting new amendments to the IHR.

The protest was arranged by two fractions of the local overall freedom, health and truth movement, namely Road to Geneva (headed by amongst others Michelle Cailler) and The Geneva Project (headed by Attorney-at-law Philipp Kruse).

I have been involved in arranging more than 50 demonstrations and protests myself, so I know how much work has to be put into it, and how many things can go wrong. Therefore I want to express my thankfulness to the people arranging it and admiration of them, as this protest was done in the best possible way a protest can be arranged. WELL DONE GENEVA!

But the outcome of the World Health Assembly in Geneva is extremely worrisome

As James Roguski walks us through in the Zoom video-recording I did this morning (nighttime in California where James resides), WHO’s 77th WHA was concluded by adopting new amendments to the IHR.

The work on the Pandemic Treaty (this framework goes under many different names) has been postponed to the future, but this 77th WHA shows that the globalists are still pushing forward with the adoption of amendments to an existing framework (IHR). As I have earlier documented, Denmark adopted these back in 2006/2007, with no, or very little, public debate. Our then Minister of Health, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, simply sent a note to all political parties in parliament, saying that if he did not hear anything back from them, Denamark would become part of the IHR framework.

Yesterday Danmark, and all other some 190 member states (minus the few who have opted out) got their existing IHR agreement updated with new amendments to take effect in either 10 or 18 months depending on the individual IHR status.

However, two nations, Costa Rica and Slovakia has already , since yesterday, told the WHO that they will opt out of the IHR amendments. Whether they will stay in the IHR framework is not clear to me at this point in time.

The last 192 member states now has a 10 respectively 18 months time period to decide to opt out, if they choose so. If a member state does nothing, the amendments will automatically take effect in due time.

Former japanese minister admits to the unvaccinated - “You were right!”

A parallel rally was held in Japan and according to the media The Peoples Voice, the former japanese minister of internal affairs, Kazuhiro Haraguchi, spoke at this rally and admitted to the unvaccinated that they were right all of the time: “The vaccines caused a tsunami of deaths”.

Click on the picture below to read the article in The Peoples Voice (or click HERE!):

If you want to stay updated on WHO do follow James Roguski on Substack:

James Roguski
The Amendments to the IHR have been adopted
Unfortunately, this is an enormous loss for “We the People” and a substantial victory for the evil forces that support the system of pharmakia. The recently adopted amendments will facilitate an enormous global build up of the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex which seeks to trigger ongoing “pandemic emergencies” that will be made even…
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Watch my own Facebook livestreams

Here’s the livestream from the presentations (click image below or click HERE!:

And here’s the livestream from the march in downtown Geneva (click image or click HERE!):

Watch the TheHighWires professionel production from the event

Del Bigtree is a very well know figure in the US and in the rest of the World, and he is also behind the alternative media TheHighWire, which reported live from the event in Geneva.

Some time before sending live from Geneva, TheHighWire had sent out this ‘video-appetizer’ on Facebook which gives a good background to the event in Geneva.

Make sure you get the main speaker Dr. Astrid Stückelberger who presents at 1:02:00 in the livestream. Be very observant on how Astrid Stückelberger points to infiltrations inside the movement, a point I am very aware of myself.

Watch the professional production from TheHighWire (click below image or click HERE!):

Watch the below podcast and videopodcast IN ENGLISH which has earlier been sent out through my newsletter:

Illusionen om Danmark
Podcast-serien "Illusionen om Danmark"
I denne podcast-serie vil jeg dele de mange informationer som jeg støder på i mit arbejde med at afdække hvad Danmark er for et land, og hvordan det i virkeligheden fungerer. Det afdækker jeg i bøgerne i trilogien "Illusionen om Danmark" og bogen "Illusionen om Grundloven".
Jeg laver disse podcast så du kan lytte til dem på farten, og forhåbentlig blive meget klogere på dit land.
Hvis ikke vi danskere ved hvor vi står (og det gør vi desværre ikke i særlig høj grad!) hvordan kan vi så vide i hvilken retning vi skal gå?
Kend dit land og dets fortid, og du vil kunne forstå hvor du er i nutid!