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Pleased to meet you Dr. Ryan Cole! - Let's discuss Astrid Stückelberger, graphene oxide and 5G!

Why does Ryan Cole deny existence of graphene oxide i vials? Why did he help shutting off Astrid Stückelberger in Stockholm? Why does he deny Bluetooth MAC Adress radiation from the human body?
Interimistic interview with Dr. Ryan Cole at the Geneva WHO protest on June 1st 2024.

Discussions with Ryan Cole at last weekends protest in Geneva

In the first part of my first book “Illusion about Denmark - The three lost years” I praised Dr. Ryan Cole very generously. However during writing the book, my friend Claire Edwards reported in her newsletter how Ryan Cole had treated Astrid Stückelberger in Stockholm at a conference. That let me to write the following in the latter part of the book (see below image which has been copied from my book):

Interestingly Del Bigtree has done an extensive interview with Ryan Cole, where he did a 200%' debunking of graphene oxide being present in the COVID-19 vials. You can find the video on Ryan Cole’s homepage, and if you go to 44:30 minutes into the video, you go directly to Cole’s debunking.

The same Del Bigtree whose media TheHighWire covered the whole protest in Geneva, with Del Bigtree being present at the protest himself.

Review of Dr. Ryan Cole alledged gaslighting of Dr. Astrid Stückelberger in Stockholm

Here the video links from the situation that occured on the stage at the mentioned Stockholm conference (January 2023):

Dr. Jane Ruby should be credited with spreading the news in the USA on La Quinta Columna’s discovery of graphene oxide in the Pfizer vials in june/july of 2021, as Astrid Stückelberger should be credited with spreading the same news in Europe.

This is a video where Dr. Ruby interviews Astrid Stückelberger (slightly edited by Fritjof in Sweden. I am sorry for using this video instead of Dr. Ruby’s two original videos, but it has not been possible for me to find both the originals):

Here’s Dr. Ruby’s walk-through of the whole graphene oxide subject:

Ryan Cole claims that Stückelbergers presentation was “pseudo-science”

When I confronted Dr. Ryan Cole in Geneva on Saturday with the claim that he had censored Stückelberger in Stockholm he told me that she had talked about graphene oxide in the vials, and hence had been unscientific. Below is some quotes from the video recorded in the backstage area in Geneva:

I went on stage to make a scientific statement!

The organizers asked me to come up and clarify!

So I pressed Cole to explain why he as a fellow presenter participated in censoring Stückelberger. His answer:

The organizers and the other scientists did a very scientific conference, and it went into a realm of, what I call pseudo-science, fringe-science or conjecture-science.

Again I confronted him with the fact that people had experienced him shutting Stückelberger down. Cole denied and said she had used up her time for presenting and he was just a diplomatic fellow presenter:

That was the people who organized it (who had ended her presentation prematurely) and I was just another presenter who was trying to be diplomatic

But that wasn’t me that asked her (to end her presentation), no, she was done with her talk.

She got mad, she ran up and grapped the microphone and yelled a bunch of things, and got her friends in the crowd to yell at me.

Unfortunately for Ryan Cole the video evidence (see links listed above) does not support his statements.

After speaking to Cole in Geneva I went over to ask Stückelberger whether I had misunderstood the happening at the Stockholm conference, and whether Cole was talking the truth? This was denied by Stückelberger. She said that she was denied the presentation time she was promised, and that Cole was complicit in censoring her information on the WHO plan involving genome therapy (this was the slide Stückelberger was stopped in her presentation) and also the graphene oxide in vials.

Again interestingly, the amendments to the IHR defines “relevant health products” as including cell- and gene-based therapies:

Excerpt from the amendments to IHR adopted on the 77th WHA.

‘Some people’ apparently dont want us to discuss genome therapy and graphene oxide.

It is a bit like corona and 5G also cannot be related, in some people’s eyes. So I also used the opportunity to ask Dr. Ryan some questions relating to 5G. Some might even say that I kind of educated him on the subject of 5G.

Phased-array is not 5G - it should more correctly be denominated 4G+

When Cole expressed his knowledge of 5G I had to update him on his 5G knowledge:

5G is a phased-array system with a smaller wave.

I told him 5G is not a new generation network, as it (re)uses the 4G LTE (longterm evolution) core network. Phased-array is nothing but an antenna upgrade to 4G. Therfore this new socalled 5G that was curiously rolled-out (implemented) during the lock-downs should more correctly be called 4G+.

This is not understood by many people and I can partly understand that, as you need some insight into the technology to fathom this completely. However, if there is no new core network, how can this antenne upgrade be labelled a new genarational network and designated with the ‘5G’ predicate?

5G and corona are interrelated, I told Cole, and his response was:

Well, I’ve heard that, but I havn’t seen the evidence!

I replied ‘No! Because you dont want to’ and I introduced La Quinta Columna and the mexican study regarding Bluetooth MAC adresses from inoculated bodies using graphene oxide and quantum dots. Cole responded:

The governments put a second Bluetooth signal on to the phones.

30 micrograms causing self-assembly in 90 kilos of human mass? No!

I told him that graphene oxide was probably also spread by chemtrails, which he did not deny, as he said:

I know that they are using a lot of spraying for different things…

Cole admitted not being an 5G expert by stating and concluding the issue:

5G is not my expertise, but bio-chemistry, looking at the vials, no evidence of graphene oxide!

Here’s a video regarding the reading of Bluetooth MAC addresses from inoculated human bodies, that I produced in 2023 (link):

Be aware that discussing graphene oxide does encumber some danger to the health of the specialist discussing this openly. This was learned 2 years ago when Germanys lead graphene-specialist lost his life under very suspecious circumstances (link):

Maybe facts like this is what make sure that the public possibly never will get the truth about these issues?! Well, now at least you know about graphene oxide and its dangers!

I hope that this doesn’t scare you, but instead fills you up with the power of truth, and sets you off on a rampage, just like the way it happened to Dr. Astrid Stückelberger and a range of other people, who surely all belong to an incoherent small group of brave humans, whose names most probaly will appear in songs about bygone heroes, in some distant future.

But unfortunately not all presenters and organizers from Saturdays protest are trying to follow that path!

Ryan Cole, Del Bigtree, and a lot of other VIPs from Saturdays protest, seems to be consciously forgetful

I am convinced that both Ryan Cole and Del Bigtree on purpose tries to misled and deceive a lot of the people in the ‘freedom movement’ (as he himself defined it in Stockholm). He does so by miscrediting Dr. Astrid Stückelbergers hypotheses by labelling them as ‘pseudo-science’ and being the main participant in censoring her in Stockholm.

Ryan Cole and Del Bigtree are very complicit in the deceit that many freedom-thinkers have, that it is misinformation that the vials contains graphene-oxide, when Dr. Jane Ruby has documented so many proofs of this.

You can find the interview that Del Bigtree did with Dr. Ryan Cole HERE, and judge for yourself, whether you have more confidence in those two, than in Dr. Astrid Stückelberger and Dr. Jane Ruby.

I am not in doubt myself. Ryan Cole is a shill and are trying to pull over the eyes of the very same people who have hailed him for his courage and who put all too much trust in him.

Del Bigtrees interview with Dr. Ryan Cole can be found on Cole’s homepage.

Del Bigtree has also participated in misleading a lot of people in Geneva and people who has followed the event from a distance. He has been promoting the Geneva WHO protest massively in the time up to this event. This he has done on his media’s homepage and on the Facebook pages Free Humanity and Together Declaration. But he has not even bothered telling people that WHO has adopted the amendments he has spend so much time informing about. Why is this so?

The host on Saturday’s event Dan Austin-Gregory, and presenters Alan Miller and Philipp Kruse, does not look very sober neither of them, when it comes to misinforming the participant in the Geneva WHO protest. None of them has at this point in time (Monday June 3rd 15:00 hrs) communicated the sad news from the 77th WHA(!)

Alan Miller (top left), Dan Austin-Gregory on stage with Philipp Kruse (top right), Del Bigtree (bottom left) and Ryan Cole (bottom right)

Surprisingly Attorney-at-law Philipp Kruse, who has been one of the main names in the Geneva WHO protest, seems to be even more misleading than the others. On Saturday night he declared that he was of the impression that the negotiations on the IHR amendments had been postponed, or was going to be postponed. Even he has not sounded any news regarding the undesired result of the 77th WHA, the same WHA that he had spent a lot of time discussing in his promotions of the Geneva WHO protest. And (of course) he has mainly done so (in the english communications) using Del Bigtree’s media TheHighWire (link).

Here in this short video on Bitchute you can find Kruse’s last speech on the subject, done on Saturday 1st of June at 10:20 AM, where he communicates that he is of the belief that the amendments were going to be postponed to “a later vote later this year”. Kruse promises that “we will provide more a mature conclusive, and a more mature assessment, in the weeks and months to come” (click image or click HERE!:

In the below post by James Roguski, you can watch WHO’s Director-general Tedros Adhanon Ghebreyesus conclude the 77th WHA, succeeded by James discussing the 77th WHA with Robyn from ‘Courage is the Cure’:

James Roguski
Courage is the Cure
Please watch the video below…
Read more

Should you still be in doubt (like a lot of the commenters in my previous newsletter) on whether WHO actually did adopt these amendments to the IHR framework, then do take a look at WHO’s own homepage (link):

Screenshot from WHO’s own homepage updated June 1st 2024.

Watch the last newsletter from my Substack-channel (remember to subscribe!) below:

Illusionen om Danmark
Podcast-serien "Illusionen om Danmark"
I denne podcast-serie vil jeg dele de mange informationer som jeg støder på i mit arbejde med at afdække hvad Danmark er for et land, og hvordan det i virkeligheden fungerer. Det afdækker jeg i bøgerne i trilogien "Illusionen om Danmark" og bogen "Illusionen om Grundloven".
Jeg laver disse podcast så du kan lytte til dem på farten, og forhåbentlig blive meget klogere på dit land.
Hvis ikke vi danskere ved hvor vi står (og det gør vi desværre ikke i særlig høj grad!) hvordan kan vi så vide i hvilken retning vi skal gå?
Kend dit land og dets fortid, og du vil kunne forstå hvor du er i nutid!