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Del Bigtree, Meryl Nass (CHD) and Jimmy Dore goes into disinformation overload

An unfathomable level of openly deliberate organised disinformation regarding the IHR amendments that WHO adopted on June 1st in Geneva- WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!

It’s time to kill your darlings

At the point of writing this post, a full five days period have passed since WHO adopted new amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). Since then an overflow of disinformation has ‘flooded the zone’ making it impossible for most people to get a somewhat clear picture of the weekends results from WHO’s 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva.

Reporters and channels like Del Bigtree, Meryl Nass, Robert F. Kennedy’s Childrens Health Defense, Alan Miller, Dan Astin-Gregory and Philipp Kruse are all spreading disinformation regarding these amendments. It is done very subtle - and each in its own way - but the summed-up result is disinformation on a massive scale.

Click image to watch the full “Episode 375”-show on TheHighWire

Check out Del Bigtrees media TheHighWire’s last report from June 6th. Watch the fulle show HERE! Make sure you watch from around 24 minutes in and until around 32 minutes, where Del Bigtree and his sidekick, Jefferey Jaxen, manages to rub Roguski into their disinformation campaign.

Jaxon: Good news, there’s a way out of it in article 61, which makes it possible for states to opt out (of the amendments). You just have to pressure your politicians to opt out. This is a really really easy piece to do!

And Del Bigtree wraps it up:

Bigtree: It is completely illegal (what WHO have done)

Bigtree (finalising the issue): But we are here! It’s all part of waking up!

The less than 10 minutes narrative the two hosts offers on the issue, completely fails to touch on the fact, that WHO now has includede “cell- and gene-based therapies” as part of the “relevant health products” which WHO can organise accross borders all around the world, when the Director General feels like calling for a “pandemic emergency”.

Del Bigtree might just be very ignorant when he read the adopted amendments, or is his actually being dictated - by someone in the shadow on how to abuse his platform - to direct disinformation at his audience? It’s hard to know, so I will leave it up to the reader to make up his/hers own mind. Don’t forget to watch the last 5 minutes at the very end of the whole show. I’d say it is Bigtrees finest hour of dwelving in his own wisdom and fame, as he rants on about the normal worker and free citizens of the world, and the greatness of America. All the while he wraps up a show full mixed with valueable information, and a ton af disinformation. Shame on you, Bigtree!

Bigtree: I promise I will make us laugh more next week, but this week, PLEASE! Do everything you can: Donate to ICAN, so we can continued… Donate 25 dollar a month if you can, donate a dollar or fifty cents…

Problem solved! Donate to Del Bigtree at he will make you laugh (next week)!

What Bigtree just don’t tell you is that he passifies you in the process, by letting you think your are contributing to the pure truth getting spread all over the world!

Even Rebel News

Rebel News published the below video on Thursday a full five days after WHO adopted the amendments:

It is 100% clear that Rebel News are not reporting anything of value regarding the outcome of the protest, but instead are trying to make some bucks to cover their flight tickets, hotel rooms and other expenses.

Instead of informing the viewers, the otherwise fantastic brave Rebel News reporter, Ezra Levant, just takes another ‘victory lap’ and collects money from freedom fighters.

Ezra Levant (together with Avi Yemini) did a fantastic job on Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in january 2023 at the WEF Davos meeting.

To me, this news is a hard case of ‘killing my darlings’ even though I had noticed a certain zionistic tone in Rebel News reporting since October 2023 :(

Some sober reporting from California

The only report from the 77th WHA that does an honest and sober report on the dire status of the adopted IHR amendments is James Roguski (watch his report HERE!).

Also James Corbett has succeeded with great and honest information on the amendments through an excellent interview with Roguski on his channel TheCorbettReport, watch the show HERE!

Unfortunately Corbett sells out big time in the very next online interview he joins. Meryl Nass interviews him on CHDs show (watch it HERE on her own media, where Corbett waivers and falls into Meryl Nass’ trap of announcing “victory”. The moment after, although, he announces defeat. I my humble oppinion Corbett is tricked into this helpless state of calling af defeat a victory and vice-versa, seemingly ending up not knowing what he really thinks.

Corbett does wake up a bit two-thirds into the show, where he offers an anarchist rant to the momentarily happless Meryl Nass.

Leaving out Corbett of the equation, all this disinformation appears all too coincidental and all too coordinated to be left unreported.

Be a sovereign human being and make up your own mind!

Please make up your own mind. But you have to do so by reading the document yourself (as Roguski has said since the very first moment the adoption of the amendments was known).

Dont let other do the interpreting for you!

Be a sovereign human being and read the IHR amendments HERE! (text in bold is the 2024 added amendments to the 2005 version)

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